At OTLVISION, we are passionate about the challenges of the customer experience and new technologies. We transmit this passion through innovative solutions that revolutionize the tourism sector.


Experts in the integration of technological solutions, we support the development of the hotels by allowing them to exceed the expectations of their hyper-connected customers.



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Interactive platforms

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Digital signage

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Information kiosks

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Mobile solution


Discover how our technologies improve customer experience throughout their stay.

2:45 pm - Check-in at the hotel

Automatic messages are sent

Your customers receive a customized welcome message on their mobile. All being automated, without any action from you.

2:50 pm - In the room

Customized greeting message

Your customers turn on their television and find a customized greeting page to their name. They can then choose their preferred language and browse the interactive portal to access information and entertainment.

5:00pm - Mirroring

Always more entertainment

Your guests like to entertain themselves with the devices and applications they use every day. In your hotel like at home, allow them to watch their videos and photos directly on the television.

7:15 pm - The restaurant

It's dinner time!

The interactive portal allows your customers to check the schedules and menus of your restaurants, as well as a host of other information about your services.

6:45 am - The automatic wake-up

Start the day smoothly.

Noan also has an automatic wake-up service that lets your customers choose easily the time at which they want to be woken up.

9:00 am - The location of the rooms

The meeting will begin soon!

As of now, your customers have an instinctive orientation solution. The directional digital monitor displays guide your customers to their destinations while showcasing your services and promotions.

11:25 am - The bookings

A relaxing moment at the spa?

Positioned in high-traffic areas, your customers can plan their stay, find their destinations, discover your services and, for example, book a session in the spa or a restaurant table.

3:00 pm - Room service

A little hungry? A little thirsty?

With the room service built in the Noan portal, your customers can order beverages and food at any moment of the day or the night in only a few clicks.

10:00 am - The check-out

Interactive check-out solution

Your customers can check out directly from their room through the Noan portal (TV or mobile) in less than 2 minutes.